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Here's what people are saying.......
"This is the best driving school I could ever have. I especially want to thank Andrea for her kindness and the tips she gave me in the practice before the exam, very clear and precise. I highly recommend this driving school". ***** A from Hackensack

"Was a good experience for learning how to drive. Not a lot of pressure when you're first beginning to learn the basics of driving. Overall very efficient and easy to learn and it may seem scary at first but you get used to it quickly". ***** J from Ridgewood

"I was a student receiving driving lessons from Andrea and she helped ease me into driving and cleared any prior nerves I had. Each lessons was super calm but still informative and I learned so much. Driving should be a fun learning process and I’m super happy to say they helped me accomplish that, I absolutely love driving now with my permit and can’t wait to get my license :))". ***** V from Waldwick

"My son, really appreciated the calm learning environment. Ms. Cordasco is great!". ***** H from Ridgewood.

"Pete Kay was very helpful, knowledgeable, responded quickly to our emails/texts, flexible with schedule to accommodate ours. Very nice, honest people. Highly recommend." ***** Y from Waldwick

"Loved the course, very fun. Had a splendid time chatting as well, would recommend. It’s very calming and fun, I thought I was going to do horribly, but ended up surprising myself". ***** F from Ridgewood


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